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Was just wondering if anyone has had a C3 to C5 from the front and then turned over and C3 to T2 from the back?  Its next week for me, thinking about recovery time.  Already had Lumbar fused. Was wondering if its different.  Any information would help. Thanks



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,137

    While you are waiting for other members to reply, look at any month in Surgery Buddies. Read all of the recovery conversations from other members.


  • Bugsly,

    How are you doing?  Is it about 2-3 weeks post op?

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  • bugslybbugsly MinnesotaPosts: 35

    Hello Kand, sorry for the slow reply. I'm doing much better.  Two weeks after surgery I had a blood clot in my leg.  That was very painful. Doing good.  My neck feels great.  Wish I could turn it  and take the brace off. My surgeon wants me to keep it on till the middle of March.  It's really hard to drive but I manage.  Patiently waiting for spring.

  • Hello Bugsly,  I urge caution about driving.  In Texas, you will get pulled over and be given a ticket if you are caught driving with a neck brace on (at least that is what my doctor told me).  I was told that since you cannot turn your head properly in a brace, you cannot drive safely.  To me, that was the hardest part was waiting and not driving.

    But, glad you are doing better!

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