Facing old age alone

What are your thoughts?

I will be by myself and facing chronic pain..which in itself is daunting, but not insurmountable 

Pain separates us from things we love and do and many relationships torn asunder..leaving spineys to fend for themselves. 

Having some one to lean on for mental and emotional needs would  seem to be best 

What do you think?



  • William, yeah I do think it's best but like you said ,not insurmountable. Now that my husband is gone I'm not sure I could live on my own physically without my roommate and we lean on one another emotionally. We know there will come a time when this arrangement won't work anymore so I really don't know where I will end up. I do have family but that would be tough.

     My opinion, we were made for relationship, I would wither without connection. I moved 300 miles south after John died to a warmer (not warm but warmer!) climate and to be near my son and family. I left 45 years of connection behind, I still keep in touch with the ones I was closest to. It's SO hard to make meaningful connections at this age and stage. Doubly hard for those who live with chronic pain! All the friends I had, knew me when I was younger and active, now I'm that white haired widow who walks with a cane, lol, they only see the outside. it's rare to find those who want to know what's inside but worth seeking out. I work at living a day at a time and my faith in God gives me peace. You always gives us much to think through, thanks! 


  • I am a difficult person.

    I tend to shun help when I should ask, power through when i should rest.

    I can live without company...its how i am made

    People are fun

    Solitude is fun

    My immediate family will consider me a burden to take care of..although i am the youngest and may outlive them 

    Never married though i tried twice lol

    I lived on the road as a truck driver out in the wild and have a different perspective than those here who have not travelled as extensively..simply have a different cynical world view than them

    I am my own best support

    Self actualized,  motivated and know how to face the realities of chronic pain.

    It hurts,  but i simply don't care. I do avoid things that hurt me . But someday i wont be able to fend for myself and will need to rely on others.

    How many Spineys will lose their support system through attrition, time or otherwise.

    It isna sobering reality to have to face. My heart goes out to you for your helpmeets loss. 

    White haired widow walking with a cane..i many wonder..what your back story is or would be?

    We were young once and free run in body and now walk on 3 legs?

    I have a handfull of friends, one of which is afraid of growing old and in i told him we would move to the lake and live our old..crotchety ages out..HAAA!

    We had a 3d who passed of cancer a while back who wanted to live in a little oldsters commune watching over each othet and for each other.

    Making a go of my hobby to make money for the old 51 i wish i would have started sooner.

    I wish the wanderlust wasnt so part of me..but local life is many places to see and smell the air of!

    What will happen without friends or family around i have wondered...

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