About ketamine treatment. Just thought I’d mention this in case it helps someone. Our pain management doctor provides ketamine treatments which he says is particularly beneficial/helps with nerve pain and the anxiety and depression that accompanies chronic pain. My son has had a serious of 4 treatments and it seemed to have helped with his sciatica. Not so much anything else. And he had a very negative experience on the last treatment...kinda like someone from the 70’s would call a bad trip. Lol. But he always has weird reactions to medications. However a couple of other patients receiving treatments at the same time experienced significantly positive results. It might be worth looking into or researching if you are experiencing nerve pain and emotional side effects. Be sure to read all the cautions, though!. 



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    I am so glad to hear about your son. At least it helped his nerve pain.
    Thank you for keeping us updated on his treatments.

  • Thanks, memerainbolt. We’re in the middle of chasing down a few leads, Hoping to figure out what’s going on. We saw a rheumatologist who diagnosed him with benign joint Hypermobility syndrome which he thinks is causing his spine to move more than it should and what is causing arthritis. But what to do about it??? The million dollar question. Waiting on a follow up appointment to see.  Then he saw his spine surgeon yesterday. The doc says there’s too much movement in a specific joint. The doc fears it’s where his vertebrae strength was compromised when he had a spine infection 6 years ago. He’s ordered a CT scan to help figure that out. Ugh. If that’s the case I’m guessing we are looking at surgery. But then again, it may be the Hypermobility syndrome instead. We just don’t know. And regardless, we are dealing with significant arthritis and inflammation. Just in case someone in a similar situation finds this helpful: So far, this is what helps...massages, acupuncture, stretching, cold/hot inflammation treatment, sensory deprivation water chamber, cryo therapy...all done in that order, every day. Now if I could just get insurance to pay for it all. Lol. 

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