Morning stiffness

Does anyone have anything that helps them with morning stiffness? I have to wait a few hours just to be able to get dressed and go out for appointments. I have a good mattress and sleep on one side with knees bent and I can't sleep any other way. Any tips that worked for you? I know no one can give medical advice but something that has helped you would be great to hear! 



  • I always stretch before getting out of bed, pull my knees towards my chest and so on, when I get up I stretch before doing anything else, after that a hot shower, all that together helps.

    Take care and keep us posted


  • Hi Charry,

    It has been a long time since we talked.  I know you from way back, I hope you are doing well.

    I have the exact same problem.  I wake up stiff and in pain every single day of my life.  It takes me two hours to get ready to even think about going out. 

    I sit on the heating pad for a good hour or so each morning followed by a liberal dose of both long and short acting opiates.  I would never go anywhere or even get off the sofa if my pain meds were taken away.  I have been to PT, had what seems like endless injections, tens unit, just about anything and everything know to the modern medical world.  I finally had fusion surgery which only led to me needing even more fusions.  I lost my job and then just said the heck with it.  I now go out when I am able to.  I stay home the rest of the time. 

    I am so sorry you have to deal with this.  I am a big believer in the blend which had been required reading over the years here on SH. 

    God bless


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  • Thanks Chip for answering and I have done some stretches like you mentioned and it does help...

    Hi DMO, I remember you! Sorry I have been offline a long time. I have long-lasting patch as well as pain pill I need before I get well. Sometimes the only thing that gets me up is to feed the squirrels and the blue jays and cardinals and sparrows that hang around where I live. 

    It's really helped losing 25 lbs for me as well. I'm on the injectable med Saxenda. It's been the only thing that made me drop weight for so many years! So the pain from the weight is better but still the stiffness when I get up. I'm soon 60 so wanted to get myself healthier a bit to keep going.

    I have all my lumbar discs herniated with DDD since my injury in 2007 and still not a candidate for surgery. I fear for having a fusion like you Dale as know it can help some if absolutely necessary. I too stay home as well only getting out for  Dr. appointments. RFA was the only thing that helped some of my pain.

    just have to go on one day at a time and try to enjoy the warmer days that will come for me a Northerner. Charry

  • stretches and more stretches, slowly increasing and combining it with regular  non impact exercises and light weights monitored by a trained physical therapist.  Yoga the stretching slow kind, again with a good instructor.  

    I find a key point is when the PT runs out, you  to continue the same routine faithfully on your own at home and or gym or you backslide slack off and have a pain event slip up. You end up i bed nursing the pain and then start all over. 

    I have followed Dales routine the past week with a sharp increase in stiffness and overall pain. I too could not get through without pain meds. 

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