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Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection

I'm going to be getting this done some time soon, I have an office appointment with the doctor to discuss it in a week and a half. I'm just curious what it was like for people who have had it done. I'm also trying to figure out if this is something that your in & out for and if you can drive yourself home. I'm trying to arrange child care & transportation beforehand and I'm not being told anything till my appointment.

Thanks :)



  • tiggi6 - The restrictions after a cervical epidural steroid injections varies.  I had many cervical injections and ablations over the years and they varied from a few hours to 24 hours.  For me, most of the amount of time restriction was tied to the "numbing agent" used.  From my experience, I doubt that you will be allowed to drive yourself home.  That is a question you need to ask the doctor doing the injection procedure.  For my injection or ablation procedures, all of my doctors gave me a set of instructions at the consultation before the procedure.

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