St. Jude spinal cord stimulator... is this working?

Hello. I had a Boston Scientific implantable spinal cord stimulator and just 2 weeks ago had that taken out and a St Jude one replaced it. However I am still in pain. 

I have always had a very deep ache pain in my legs. Like you get the flu, your body aches, well that times a thousand! That is what I experience in my legs, front and back. I also have nerve pain in the back of my legs into both feet. I have not felt the nerve pain, but my ache pain has gotten so much more worse!! 

Is it because the nerve pain overshadowed the ache pain and now that the nerve pain is under control I feel the ache more? The ache is so bad it affects my walking. 

I do have permanent nerve damage in both legs. I have failed back syndrome along with a hundred more issues from a very botched spinal fusion in '08. 

Also the nerve pain in my feet, especially around the ankles is still severe. 

I met with the rep Wednesday, she put me on program 2 which she created there with me. I had so much hope. But now I'm disappointed. 

At least with the old stimulator I could feel it and it was like a massage. I'm sure it also had a psychological effect as well. 

If anyone can give me guidance I'd appreciate it immensely!!!




  • Go back to your rep and and demand they give you multiple programs so that you can alternate depending on where the pain is coming from.  If that means they have to reprogram more frequently than most folks need, but you need to be able to use the device to its fullest.  Some people say the device never helped them.  I feel that the device, if implanted correctly and programmed correctly, can help almost everyone.

    I know St Jude is very proud of their Burst technology.  For most people, they love that they can't feel the stimulation.  For myself, I WANT to feel it.  I've only done the trial, but hubby has had his for years.  I'm likely going to get one implanted within the next year.  I'd love to get off the pain medications.

  • I have one of the competitor devices that also runs in a non-paresthesia mode.  My leads are placed in my high cervical area, right below the base of my brain.  I don't want to feel it.  I do feel the benefit.  I have had a dramatic improvement in quality of life.  My device can be re-programed to feel paresthesia (tingling) to find the proper settings.

    Please "push back" on your hardware rep.  As my neurosurgeon said that did the SCS implant, getting them to work is often a trial and error process.  He also said that unfortunately, there are some of his patients they lose the benefit of the neurostimulation after a period of time.

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