8 level fusion surgery dx

Hi, I just found out I need to have an 8 level Spinal fusion in a few weeks. I am a bit worried about the recovery and how it will effect my body movement. If anyone has had this extensive procedure I appreciate any help or tips that you can provide. 



  • Which part of your spine is the fusion proposed?  I have a combo of surgical and auto-fusion from C2 to T10.

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    Have you seen the Spinal Fusion Health Center on Spine-health? Spinal fusion surgery comes in many forms, and you’ll find a number of doctor-authored resources here, including Types of Spinal FusionPostoperative Care for Spinal Fusion Surgery, and tips to help Maximize the Ability to Heal After Spine Fusion Surgery. It’s a great resource for anyone considering spinal fusion. I hope you find it helpful.

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  • n2waterdogs - welcome to a great forum, we're glad you found us.  Can you provide a little more information?  What levels need to be fused and what is the reason for the fusion?  I am fused 10 levels from T9 to S1 and that was due to a fast moving curve from scoliosis.  You probably would not be able to tell that I am fused by just watching me in my daily life.  That is until I have to pick up something that is flat on the floor.  That one still gets me. I just found new ways to do things, I call it my new normal.  BTW, I am n2sleddogs :)

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    Hey urbmshr, what does that do to your stomach muscles do they atrophy? Do they tighten up? Can you exercise them at all? Just wondering  do to the fusion. I have a problem with my thoracic spine his degenerative disc disease and is Curving. Thanks for your input take care and God bless
  • Mikethepike - ummm, not sure about my stomach muscles, guess I never really exercised them before the fusion. Haha. I do remember someone telling me once years ago that you can keep your abs tight by just sucking in your gut, holding for like 10 seconds then releasing.  Kind of like isometric.  Also just tightening your abs by squeezing your muscles - also isometric like.  I think I do this without thinking about it.  Of course that log roll to get up from laying down also exercises those abs. Is there a fusion in your future?

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  • The 8 level fusion is c3 to T3 due to spinal stenosis, ddd, spondylolisthesis,  curving, damage above and below a fusion in 2000 of the C5, 6,7. I went to see a ortho doc for pain and after an mri of the cervical spine due to my history he needed a release from a Neuro Surgeon. Two MRI's later and a nerve study I found this out 2 days ago back to surgery. My Neuro is hoping this will either hold off the lumbar surgery or it could bring the need for that surgery sooner. L4, 5 has a par defect and the L4 is half sitting on L5 like a stair step. So distraught I'm getting scheduled before Xmas, so I'm trying to process all this  quickly. Thank you all for your much needed comments. 

  • I am fused T3-S1.i had it done in 2015. My spine itself never hurt but the pulling on the incision did lol!The hardest part for me was getting in and out of bed.i can still bend at the hips. My spine feels stronger and better than ever. You will need to eat a lot of protein so the bone grows to complete fusion. Oh yeah btw, getting in out da vehicle was not so easy either. So we always opted to take truck. And yes. I would do it all over again. I'm 66 so I had that surg done at age 62

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