Numbness 4 months after cervical RF Ablation

I've had many ablations and this time it's not right. It hurt like wow when he did it felt like he was digging a hole. Well here it is 4 months later and the whole left side is still numb and some times more pain than when I got it. I've been trying to do research on why the numbness would last so long. Only thing I find is maybe permanent nerve damage. Does anyone know what might be going on. I am not getting any answers from the doctors office. It's causing problems I never had like I have to lay down with support on my neck to get the pain to go away. Yes I am on pain meds and it's not helping. Any ideas?



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    While you are waiting for other members to respond, go to the search box at the top right of the page and key in RF ablation. Scroll down past the ads and there you will find previous conversations on this subject that may help you out.

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