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Finding a new doctor/surgeon

10 Weeks ago I went ahead and got a 1-level ACDF with a surgeon I didn't really have a good feeling about, and now my pain level is higher than before and I'm feeling pretty alone with this surgeon who pretty much puts his legs up on his desk and congratulates himself whenever I go in for a post-op ("I don't do Xrays, this surgery just takes care of itself.")

Anywho, screw him, I'm starting down the road of finding another doctor, but I'm not really sure what to look for besides an obvious attitude change. My current surgeon didn't do a lot of diagnostic things before surgery, other than the one nerve block I did that didn't really do much or tell us much. What should I look for as I'm shopping around for and meeting new doctors? Some things I've heard:

-Nerve block tests to isolate involved nerves
-Xrays or even better CT scans for checkin state of fusion
-Nerve conductivity tests

Anything else?



  • Have you ever checked Health Grades? They have a huge data base so they would most likely cover wherever you are. Just my preference but I use only top neurosurgeons for spinal surgery. My surgeon did a myelogram to isolate the nerves involved. I'm definitely not pain free after a L5/S1 fusion 2+ years ago but I was in worse shape before surgery and I waited too long and have nerve damage. He told me that going in. 

    I hope you can find someone who is willing to take a thorough look at your situation and is kind. My surgeon was very good. 


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