Ok, now need script, doctors call, and notoriety for meds

This is a ARGGGGGG comments. 

I take tramadol and roboxin. Well ran out of tramadol. Was going to get it filled but fell asleep.  Drove 30 miles to a 24 hr XYZ pharmacy. ...yep you guessed it, wouldn't fill the NEW script.

Well I said my peice to the jerk pharmacist who was lying his butt off ( said he couldn't tell the year, it was typed on it) then left.

Unfortunately this is the only one within 50 miles. I've delt with them before and they wouldn't fill a ER script 30 min old from a hospital 1 mile away or even check. As they didn't this time.

I looked into filing a complaint but this chain of pharmacies already had over 800 BBB complaints, high turn over, expensive prices, and no moral..( can you guess my name?, mic jagger)

I got back home and found 3 in the sofa and 2 in a suitcase. I travel whenever I can, things drop.

So what you say...Maybe the advice of dealing with a small local mechanic seems to also apply to pharmacies. 

Oh XYZ pharmacy is not linked with other XYZ data bases.   If anyone knows a chain that I can get it filled in Delaware then a refill in South Dakota please PM me. As most know getting more than 3 week supply is impossible, at least here.

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