OxyContin Bankrupt?

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Walgreens said they have no OxyContin anywhere due to bankruptcy. OK on Oxycodone. CVS had OxyContin. Anybody else run into this? Luckily, my Doc and I just started to wean me on a new Med



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    Purdue Pharma maker of OxyContin filed for bankruptcy in September, along with the Sackler Family who owns PP.  read all about them and the war on opiates which is affecting so many pain patients. 

       There is an excellent LA times article from 2016 that describes the schedule II long acting version of short acting OxyCodone which I take.  Google ‘You want a description of Hell’  

    Your doctor transitioning you to a different long acting pain med is a good thing.

  • I take Xtampza ER ("extended release" which is basically OxyContin in a reformulated pill. It is considered "less risk" because you cant crush it to make it immediate release.  It is already in powder form (inside the capsule) and it can be taken by either swallowing the pill or by opening capsule and pouring the powder over food. (in case you were needing an alternative). 

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