Prednisone, inflammation, MRI

I'm guessing that much of the inflammation causing my spine pain would be greatly reduced if I were to start a prednisone burst today,  6-10 days in advance of a cervical MRI. Hence, a less than accurate image. Anyone have experience in the area?  Thanks. 




  • I would not want to do a dose pack before an MRI.

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,480

    I would not do one either. You need a clear picture of what is going on where.

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  • Thanks. .. that's what I was thinking.  I'd req'd the prednisone from my pcdoc as it works so well for me,  and the mri was written by my neuro. Guess both the pc and I both missed discussing it the other day. Currently on a 3 month "oxycodone holiday..." hoping the prednisone will be able to extend it to 6 months.  Unfortunately, as we all know so dearly, our pain & conditions rarely take a holiday,  so I'll just have to tough out mine for about 10 more days.  Happy holidays all.

  • I had a prednisone burst pack before my MRI. In my case it didn’t make any difference.

  • (As info; my neuro, pain mgmt, and ER are all under the same roof at my regional hospital) . 

    I was at a follow-up with my neuro on Friday.  I'd mentioned the awful pain I'd been having the past week. I'd asked about the prednisone, and he reluctantly agreed to holding off until my mri was complete.  He then suggested I stop by my pain doc office to pick up a prescription for something/ anything to hold me over until the MRI was done,  and I could relieve the inflammation related pain. Anyway, I did this,  but of course,  my doc was elsewhere,  and the others on staff couldn't squeeze me in.  They directed to the ER.... so I did that. 

    Long story short,  the ER doc told me to start the prednisone immediately, and that any affect the steroid has on the inflammation, as far as the mri was concerned,  would be negligible, and not worth the personal sacrifice of enduring pain unnecessarily.  

    I'm now on day 5 of 10 with the prednisone,  20mg x2 daily, and feeling much relief.... looking forward to my mri tomorrow night, 9pm. 

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