Posterior/Anterior L4-S1 fusion

When I was 23 (1993) most of my spine (except L4-S1)  was fused due to scoliosis .  I am having 360° fusion to those remaining discs next week.  As I'm sure it will be nothing compared to the first, I'm still wondering what I'm really in for because it's front and back.  Thanks!



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  • I had this same surgery January 2019..except mine was L5-S1. My surgery was 9 hours long and I was inpatient for a week.  Recovery was tough, but doable thanks to a great physical therapist.  Highly recommend a recliner as that was most comfortable for me. Definitely get up and walk, don't sit for too long. DO NOT RUSH the recovery.  While I am feeling much better, I am still experiencing some pain. Make sure you do all the exercises when you are cleared to. 

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