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OA ... where to begin

So I have been diagnosed with OA in my big toe and my knee both on right side. Since I am most likely going to be dealing with this long term. I am 45 and no stranger to pain I have FM as well. What are somethings that have helped you and what are things to avoid? Right now I ice when needed, advil on occasion, I love my Tiger Balm it really calms my toe down. I elevate as needed. I know I need to loose a little weight not terribly overweight I just think it's more wear and tear than anything. I have never been one to care for "diets" their are so many out there. 

I am open to supplements though. Doctor is starting me on Mobic. I am not expecting much as far as a cure all just following doctors orders. I'm pretty active although will my knee I have found I need to take more breaks throughout the day. It's most bothersome in the morning and especially at night.

Any advice is welcome



  • There are some very good articles on Arthritis Health, some of the articles talk about supplements and treatments, check it out


  • I use Voltaren gel on my shoulder for OA, and have found some releif wit Biofreeze.

    The voltran gel works good, may need 2 application. 

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