Scoliosis Hurts

Scoliosis hurts, it causes pain, why do DRS insist that it doesn’t? My twisted spine rest on my nerves which causes numbness & tingling. My raised protruding rib cage pushes into my chest & I cannot lay on my stomach because my rip cage sticks out and digs into whatever I’m laying on. My hips are out of whack and I must sleep with several pillows between my legs and under my thigh to straighten out , I haven’t slept on my stomach or left side in years. My tailbone digs into part of my behind and I must sit with a donut pillow. Oh and I would love to stand up straight or be able to get things off the top shelf without a step stool, but can’t extend enough to reach without pain shooting down my backside. Yes it all hurts. Please doctors stop telling people it doesn’t hurt, IT HURTS 



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  • I am so sorry for your pain.  I know it hurts.  I think drs just get desensitized to all the pain and suffering of this world.  How can a twisted spine not hurt? 

    All of us here on SH know your pain and we all suffer right along with you.  Please know I will say a prayer for you. 

    If you are not already I would look into a good pain management program.  It has made all the difference in the world in my life. 

    God bless


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    HI Janellew76!

    I asked my surgeon the exact same question.  How can scoliosis not hurt!?  He said to me that it's a matter of perspective.  Scoliosis itself is a twisting of the bones.  the bones don't have nerves.  therefore the bones themselves don't hurt.  HOWEVER when those bones move and twist they push on things that DO hurt-the nerves.  So...from the dr's perspective what hurts is the nerve entrapment and the pinching of tissues and that's not called scoliosis, that's entrapment/cysts/crushed nerves/neuropathy etc.  The actual structure afflicted with the scoliosis doesn't hurt.  For the patient it's the scoliosis that caused this so it's the scoli that hurts. and honestly, at least for me, i really didn't care what caused the pain, just fix the pain!!!!!  if it's scoli or nerve entrapment or whatever, just fix it please!

    the results of scoliosis hurts.  yes it does.  it also causes dysfunction.  i had 10 levels fused because of degenerative scoliosis.  with the very real large chance of being in a wheelchair.  i was mad when i heard "scoliosis doesn't hurt".  I think separating the scoliosis from the rest of the symptoms just doesn't work for the patient-us-and i am glad that i've worked with my surgeon and my PCP to try and manage my pain the best we can.  it doesn't always work, but it's better than it was....i went through the surgery and am 3 years out the other side, yes, still with some pain, but i'm walking....and i'll take that!!!!

    Hang in there.  yes, it hurts!  Can you talk with your doctor about where you do have pain and things that they can help you with?  Like if it's your hip bugging you because it's all out of whack (mine twisted to compensate for my spine and i ended up tearing my cartilage sigh), maybe they can help with the individual problems enough to make it a little bit better?  Are you supposed to have surgery sometime?  I hope you can work with your doctor to find something that will help.  Yes, scoli hurts.  a lot, in a lot of different ways.  and please, if you need to talk-we're here!!!!!

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