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Excruciating thigh pain post L4/L5 XLIF procedure

Excruciating thigh pain post L4/L5 XLIF procedure - I am a 66-year-old woman and had my first surgery ever on December 10. Dr. Said that the surgery went well and I spent one night in the hospital. I was up walking that night. I’m experiencing some numbness in the left buttocks area that is gradually getting better! Back pain is alleviating also. However, two days postop, I developed this excruciating pain in my right thigh after standing and walking for about 30 seconds. Upon googling and reading these posts, this seems somewhat normal. I reached out to my doctor and he assured me that I just went through a surgical procedure and that I need time to heal. Just wondering what others experienced and if you’ve forced yourself through the pain and walked with walking sticks or whether you retreated to bed to a reclining position to alleviate the pain?? Also, how long till the pain subsided?? Did you find any relief via hot or cold compresses, massage, or drugs?? I am taking oxycodone 5–3 25 but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 



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  • I have experienced the same thing after lumbar surgery, felt really good for a few days and then pain returned, surgeon explained that it was the nerves starting to wake up and heal, during surgery, nerves are moved and stretched, they were also decompressed.

    I used a combination of things to help, there are several nerve specific medications that your doctor may decide to put you on, I also used ice packs, even though it hurt, I kept walking, I could not walk long distances, but I tried to keep moving, that did seem to help me quite a bit.

    You are still very early on, we have a saying here, time and patience.

    Take care and keep us posted


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  • THANKS Chip for the reassuring information! That makes total sense!

  • Same surgery for me, mine was 4 months ago. Same symptoms, it’s the same side as the lateral cut which makes sense. I still get flare ups that come and go; talking to others, this happens for up to a year, especially if you are active. I sometimes wonder if my hardware is loose but it’s a 1 level so it is highly unlikely.

    I have found that Tylenol helps, as do cannabis gummies (doc doesn’t know of research on it but has cleared me that it’s ok). If it’s legal in your state, it does help. Take it a couple hours before you sleep, you’ll sleep like a baby.

  • Hello. Has anyone In their lumbar  experience  benefited from use of Bemer therapy  post opp

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