Second ACDF and tongue swelling?

Hello All, I had my second ACDF surgery on Nov. 25th. This time it was fusion of the C3-C4. I am doing Ok, still have some tingling in my hands but not much. Still numb around the incision site. Something cropped up 3 days ago that has me concerned. My tongue started to swell and still is swollen. I have had trouble swallowing and eating crunchy foods, so I steer away from those. I am thinking the tongue swelling may be because of the post op site being on the front of my upper neck. Has anyone experienced this before? I called the surgeons office and they had never heard of this happening after an ACDF. What say you?



  • pmaridonppmaridon Clearwater, FLPosts: 11

    You'd probably want to check with dr, put are you icing the front/sides/back of neck too?

  • Wow, I’ve never heard of that happening either. I hope your surgeon’s office will take a look at it if it still persists rather than just tell you they’ve never heard of that happening before. Definitely stay on top of this! Hopefully it’s nothing, but definitely have them see you if it doesn’t improve soon. 

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  • Lefty4562LLefty4562 Huntington, WVPosts: 27

    Hello, sorry for the delayed response. Went to a very good ENT. He said it could be the nerves and muscles swelling from the trauma to the area from surgery. Said to ice the area and check back with him if it doesn't heal by the end of the February. He checked for tumors and cancer - I don't smoke or drink. He said all looks good on that front. See my surgeon tomorrow for the 8 week post op check up. We'll see we what he says. I am thinking it may be chronic Dysphagia. Thanks for the responses.

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