The Terms of estrangement

Terms Adults use

I'll...see you later

I' you

We'll get together..soon

Im'e a litte busy, but I'll get with you soon k?

Please leave a message at the sound of the beep...oh? Sorry i missed your call ,i was busy have you been?


Your no fun,all you do is lay around, lets go somewhere,we can get dinner and a movie..looking in wallet because you work less hours

Honey, ime going out with....we'll be back on phone of people having a good time...have fun dear! Fake smile,false emotions to keep them happy 

Ime going on a weekend getaway with....i'll call you

Honey..we need to talk...


You need to work, these bills dont pay themselves..any job will do, your good with computors, working at a desk isnt hard you know

You take all these pills,you got all these appointmemts and your still not better? Hows the job search..these bills are piling up and you do nothing but sit there all day...I'm tired a d work all day, least you can do is mow the yard and clean up a bit

You know, your lazy  and dont do squat, kathys husband bill did that next day surgery and he is better, works 40 hrs a week, 

Get out, your no good lazy and a druggie not worth a hoot, maybe you shouldnt have got hurt, we wouldnt have all these issues, we would have more stuff, we could go on trips and stuff like kathy and bill...


Hurry up,your slowing us down, were gonna miss the show..your so slow..sitting down..AGAIN????

we should just leave him at home next time....

Terms of Estrangement 

What its like to be the one left behind because your no longer fun,usefull,worth having around....

Its funny how self centered normal people can be when your no longer convenient to have around

Its not A..fault

Its not...OUR fault

Its not a fault..its a condition where we hurt,not disposable 

Where I LOVE YOU...isnt

Where I NEED YOU..means some thing different 

I ..WANT you has dark meanings to us

There are terms we dont want to hear, be dictated to nor want to live by

But we do

So when normals use terms of endearment, we tend to be wary..they turn to terms of Estrangement 

Dont judge us



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,163


    I feel so sorry for anyone that has to hear those words. No one deserves that. But they do hear it, and it's sad. I can't imagine anyone talking to me to that. I'm lucky that no one does.


  • William
    That hit my heart and my anger side. Been there for several of those comments since my first injury in 2004. People can be so  clueless, mean, stupid, unkind the list goes on. I was asked my one of my closest friends why did i not get surgery and why could I not come in to work to clean out my office. Our friendship ended over my getting hurt and this was a very close friend. Or like the statement from the plant manager she can work if she can walk. Well he ended up having back surgery 5 years later maybe he thinks of me once in awhile. I have had almost everyone of the comments you made like we say they don't have any idea how they hurt or what this life is. But we do and I am sorry you ever heart any of them cause you to me are a number one guy and believe me if you called me I would pick up.
    I hope you do have someone to enjoy the holidays with and this next year those we want will become smarter about our day to day life.
    take care Sherri

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  • Whats in the past is past..i am a solitude seeker by nature , i love the wide open quiet places where a person has room to walk and be lost in thoughts..and no one judges such moments.

    I have a literal handfull of friends who i know would pick me up when i fall.  The rest are aquaintances who have my use in mind.

    San Antonio river walk was where many of those comments were made..i was walking 20 yards and sitting down because of the ripping pain..the rest of the group walked on ahead voicing loud enough so everyone could hear

    Old folks looked on..bemused at what they themselves would hear. I stopped answering their texts for whatever because why subject myself to abuse?

    Im'e not that lonely.

    I'm gregarious enough and can handle social settings as long as i keep it on my terms i found people who enjoy me..for photography has led bosses are others 

    We are the face of pain outward to the word..those greek masks of tragedy and comedy..we are Janus by necessity, not trying to deceive anyone, just keeping the peace.

    Its a small world live  in,  i am one of the lucky ones.i can live with..and without company..sometimes i have to be mercenary in my life to keep my status quo of pain at bay. I say no more than yes..i dont "help" folks because the price is too high to pay..

    Its in my nature to help..and saying no hurts me..the pain hurts  more. Spineys dont we have to make these choices..but, i cant expect them to respect and understand my needs, so why should i respect theirs?

    I am good..learned to live without too much company  and appreciate the ones i keep.

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,163


    You do have us, the Spineys in your life. We don't judge, we are always here. Your words come your heart, not just some random thoughts/ They can be read over and over and you will always get something different out of them. You have a way of saying what we all want to, except your words are more eloquent.

    Thank you,

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