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Anyone use CBD for Arthritis ?

I'm curious if anyone has used CBD to successfully treat pain for arthritis ? If so, it would be great to share type (CBD with THC or without) , type or product, and how effective. 

Much appreciated !



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    Have you read the article Understanding CBD on Spine-health? In this doctor-authored article you’ll find out what research indicates about using CBD for back pain, along with risks and side effects of CBD. I hope you find it helpful.

    Have you visited The site offers comprehensive information about arthritis and includes articles about specific arthritis typesarthritis coping strategies, and treatment tips. This site is a terrific resource for anyone looking for more information about arthritis.

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  • Carlos, I use  cbd alone in vapor pen. It helps me to relax. I tend to get anxious when pain flares up and it helps. I have arthritis in my back and neck. I also use cannabis for the thc. Because I have pain daily thc helps with depression and takes the edge off the pain. It also makes me sleepy so I can sleep better at night. So to answer your question both help with anxiety and depression and sleeplessness,which often accompanies chronic pain. Cbd lotion did nothing for me. I hope this was helpful. Nancyann 

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  • I had good experiences with reducing inflammation using CBD in the daytime, and CBN at night along with THC depending on anxiety.  Using CBN and CBD tincture from Mary’s Medicinals and Papas for pain and THC delta 8 tabs (1/2 at night) for anxiety / pain.  Good luck and post any findings  

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