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Just last month I watched my flowers rise from the earth.  I planted them from seeds.  They were so small yet I knew in time they would grow strong and rise quickly.  I watered them and tended they everyday without fail.  Though grass and weeds tried to choke out my flowers they did not prevail.  I was ever vigilant and attentive.  I am so happy with the beauty and warmth my garden has brought to me.   

Just last week I watched my flowers rise from the earth.   I planted them from seeds but my day was long and I was tired upon its completion.  I watered them daily but my watering can was heavy and I grew weary taking many hours to complete this task.  The grass and weeds are a real nuisance and I was not able to rid my garden of them all.  I struggled to have a beautiful garden as it was quite a burden to me.  Though I labored many hours, in the end it was well worth the effort. 

Just yesterday I watched my flowers rise from the earth.  My daughter planted them for me as I can no longer get down on my hands and knees to garden.  I can no longer water them as the watering can is to heavy for me to lift.  I watch the grass and weeds overcome my flowers as I am powerless to stop their overgrowth.  The desire is in me but I can no longer summon the strength to tend my flower garden.  It is only because of my daughter I am able to enjoy the splendor of God's gift of the glory of color and sweet fragrance of the petals.  I sit in my chair by my garden and am amazed at its beauty. 

Today I went out to my garden.  My garden is overgrown with weeds, leaves and trash.  I need to mix in some good growth soil but can no longer lift the heavy bags.  Tears fill my eyes when I look upon the dead flowers and stems of past seasons.  The beauty that was my garden is lost never to return again.  The one thing in my life that gave me such immense please is no more.  Whatever shall I do?  I turn around and go back inside to my heating pad, bottles of meds and I sit in the comfort of my favorite recliner chair.  I am so very tired, I fall asleep quickly.

I have just awakened and I feel quite well.  I am no longer tired nor do I feel any pain.  My perspective has changed as if I am looking down somehow.  I can now see my garden again.  It has changed so much from just a while ago.  The dead flowers and leaves are gone.  I notice the soil is fresh and new mulch has been put down.  I see yellow and red and purple and pink flowers of all kinds growing.  How can this be?  I am at a total loss as to what is happening.  I then notice my daughter walking toward the garden with a plaque in her hand.  She carefully places it in the garden.  I read the inscription "In loving memory of my father.  He tended this garden every year till his death last week" 

I know this does not belong in the chronic pain section of Spine Health.  I have always posted in chronic pain and this has been my way of life for the past twenty years.  I hope everyone can forgive me for placing my story here.  I feel this is the story of my life.  It reflects how I feel and the garden I speak of is real.  I have labored long and hard for many years but its time is coming to an end.  I shall endeavor to keep my garden alive as long as possible.  I hope everyone enjoys the truth of this story. 




  • Beautiful Dale. We are in between 2 gardens and the journey seems long and difficult but the Way is real. Be encouraged friend, the end of the story is just the beginning. 

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