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I had to go through hell for the past year just to get approved for a trial stimulation implant.  Finally had it done last week and the results were not exactly what I was expecting.  I passed the preliminary psych eval by explaining that I wasn't expecting a miracle.  Now that the trial is in I found that if I want to walk I have to turn it off in order to control my legs as well as have any sensation below my waist.  When resting I need the unit set to fifty percent just to feel it, and then the sensation is unpleasantly like a jackhammer in my back.  Now I only have the sub-perception mode on and am wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.  I really wanted this to give me even a little relief since none of the Doctors I see will prescribe pain meds anymore.  I'd be happy with even a semblance of my life back.



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    I had a stimulator for several years and really liked it, but reading through the forum it seems to be a pretty even split of those that get relief and those that don't.

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  • jct3531, my heart goes out to you and I do hope that they can help you regulate your SCS so it's of some help. I agree with Chip, the results are split and only God knows why! I had a similar experience as you are having and it was so disappointing so I get how you are feeling. You've only had it a short time so be the squeaky wheel and make them work with you on different programs. I know some who have done what they call duty cycling- 1 minute on , 5 off or some variation of that. Please keep us posted! We do care and understand what you're going through. 


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  • The setting that provided the non-perceptive therapy seemed to really help me.  The leads for my trial period pulled out on the fifth night and I woke up shortly thereafter in really bad pain. I had turned off the perceivable stimulation because my legs were moving like the scarecrow in the wizard of oz.  The non perceptive therapy setting obviously helped a great deal and my rep said that was typical in a successful trial.  I'm now waiting for a new MRI for comparison before the permanent implant is put in.  Apparently the Dr. Who did the trial only implanted one lead due to the large amount of scar tissue in my back.  He assured me that he could get both leads in when he did the permanent one and that I should get better control over the vibrating function.  Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and support.  Fingers crossed for a timely surgery date.

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