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Pain Med Travel

Jules1JJules1 Oklahoma City, OklahomaPosts: 77

I am going South (physically)out of Country for vacation. I know about keeping prescription Meds in their bottles on me, not checked, only for days traveling etc. I was considering combining some in the least recognizable Script for pain and Arthritus as I wonder about the other side. Anybody get meds stolen or kept? These are all mine and legal . Just looking for experiences traveling out of Country with pain meds.



  • Welcome Jules1 we’re glad you’re here!

    I am not a legal expert on the subject, but I have always been told to keep all medications in their origanal container.

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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,718

    I've always been told to keep meds in their original bottles, too. You could also check with your travel agent to find out about the laws of where you are going.

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  • I have taken my meds back and forth from overseas without any issue.  I keep the meds in their original container and have my pain physician write a letter listing the drugs I take, how often and what they are for.  I have never had to show the letter yet, but it was recommended to me to have when traveling.

    Have fun on your trip!

  • My 02 cents, BUT remember this is not advice, just my experience. Don’t do like me.  

    I have not had to travel out of country over the last 5 years, when I’ve been on so many pain and other meds. I have travelled a lot domestically and taking all the original bottles is a pain but mostly they take up too much room, especially when you pack light.  I do take the opiates in their original bottles (1 or 2) but I just bring my weekly morning / evening pill organizer with me sealed in double gallon plastic ziplock bags, in my computer carry on bag, with the opiate bottles.  Never been questioned by TSA and my bags have been searched half a dozen times.  Don’t recommend that for international travel.  Have a great trip. 

    Ps I am paranoid about being stranded and running out of the critical meds so I always take more than necessary, just in case. 

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