Severe neck pain

I’m almost a year out from spinal neck surgery c 3-7, my shoulders neck and now down into my armpits and arms are in so much pain I’m still not back to work. I’m 44 years old and I’ve had to stop driving! I can barely turn my head. I’ve done shots ,pt ,and massage therapy!  Everything is rock hard and it’s now going into the front and my chest muscles. This is my second neck surgery because my first didn’t fuse! When I go see my surgeon he just sits there saying idk, idk, idk why this is happening. I’m at my wits end. My pain is so high that even on pain management with pain pills I can barely function. Can anyone help me? Please? Any ideas , anyone dealing with the same issues ? 



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    When my pain got so bad from multiple issues, I went to 4 different doctors for opinions as to what we were going to do. I keep a pain journal and take it with me to the doctor. That way he can see what is going on and when. In some cases it is a good idea to second opinions or even thirds. Below is a link that may help you out.

    40 questions to ask your surgeon

    preparing to see your doctor about back and neck pain

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    Have you visited the Neck Pain Health Center on Spine-health? It has a comprehensive list of neck pain articles you might find helpful, including Common Causes of Neck PainHome Remedies for Neck Pain and Dizziness, and How to Treat a Stiff Neck.  

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  • I agree with Sandra, if your surgeon is saying I don't know, it's time to find somebody that does


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  • michellebarry75 - If possible, I recommend that you try to find a "regional hospital" that specializes in complex spine issues for a second opinion.  If you want some possible examples, please private message me.

  • michellebarry75, I also agree that it is probably time to get another opinion or two.  Seeing a complex spine surgeon at a teaching hospital should also mean that you see someone who is used to sorting out problems after spine surgery.

    Did the same surgeon who did your original surgery also do the revision? 

    I have been reading about non-fusion and revision surgeries because I have been told it doesn't look like I have fused in my neck after 7 years.  Looking at the many reasons for why a fusion spinal surgery might not fuse, one of them is the technique of the surgeon, so it would definately be good to see someone else who may have another idea to deal with your pain now, which may be due to non fusion again.  A new pairs of eyes would probably be a good idea even if pseudoarthrosis isn't the problem.

    I wish you good luck finding a top spine surgeon and please do let us know how you get on.

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