Spondylolisthesis and shoulder blade pain

Hi all,

Just wanted to throw this out there.  I have spondylolisthesis in my cervical spine which is causing considerable pain directly over both shoulder blades.  I take opiates each day and honestly I am having a lot of trouble controlling the pain.  It took me about six hours today of multiple meds to get the pain tolerable. 

No medical advice I know but has anyone tried gabapentin for this type pain?   If its nerve pain then maybe it might help.  I had been reading spondylolisthesis causes radiating pain to the shoulder blades.

Thanks and God bless




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    I have spondylolisthesis, which caused 2 of my vertebra to fracture. I have a lot of nerve damage and take gabapentin (Neurontin) for the pain. I know it helps me as I had to do without it for a week, big difference.

    Please talk to your doctor before taking anything on your own. The dose may not be right.
    Take Care,

  • Dale

    I take Gabapentin also, it does seem to help me with the nerve pain.


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  • Thank you both for you answers.  I have a script for Gabapentin and I just haven't been taking it lately.  I actually went off of it for a while after surgery.  A few months ago my surgeon wanted to go ahead and fuse a few more levels which I am hesitant to do.  Today the pain has been really bad and opiates are just not doing much for me.  I have been getting a low dose of the Gabapentin filled each month but I just let it pile up in my med chest. 

    Before surgery my nerve pain went down my neck into my left shoulder and then down into my hand.  Now after surgery the dr said the spondylolisthesis is much worse.  At first I did not recognize the pain but today its getting my attention.  For some reason the pain is taking a different route.  It is going from my neck into my shoulder blades.  I am hating this for sure.  I wanted to wait to have surgery until my cancer was better but I might have to go ahead and fuse another two levels. 

    Another quick question.  I have been given Cymbalta also by my primary care which is supposed to treat IBS.  I wonder if Cymbalta would be better than Gabapentin for the spondylolisthesis????   I know, no medical advice.  Just your opinions please. 

    Thanks and God bless. 


  • try marijuana...seriously might help.  At least in some cases will distract you from the pain and possibly get you off the opiods...Good luck.

  • dmo - I have a spinal cord injury in my middle cervical area.  It was caused (so my last three neurosurgeons think) a ripped C3/C4 ripped facet joint and gross cervical instability at C4/C5 that were not diagnosed in a timely manner.  So I'm now totally fused from C2 to T10.  Even with my active spinal cord stimulator, the most effective drug for me is gabapentin.  I'm currently taking 1,800 mg of it. 

    Just yesterday, I found a very recent study that found that use of gabapentin in lab rats after the rats had SCIs that the study could measure improved SCI recovery as compared to a control group with SCIs that didn't get gabapentin.  For me, if I did not have both the SCS and gabapentin, my quality of life would be extremely low.

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  • Thank you for the advice SN7.  Gabapentin actually works two miracles for me.  It helps with pain and actually relaxes me a bit taking the edge of my anxiety. 

    Your spine issues are indeed extensive.  I am so sorry you have had to go through so much.  I hope your days are better now.

    God bless you


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