Spinal stenosis

Hi, I need some advice. My husband was diagnosed with spinal stenosis last year. He had 3 months off work as could nearly move. They gave him naproxen and referred him for physio. None of this helped and the physio just kept telling him he was young and had strong thighs and buttocks. The exercises did not help at all. The pain eased and he returned to work after around 3 months of being bed bound. It now flares up from time to time. Now his back has gone bad again and fir the last week he has not been able to walk, stand sleep or even put his socks on! The doctors said he has to go full circle and have physio again and wont refer him to a specialist as he is too young for surgery (33). Dont know wat to do, he cant keep suffering and cant afford for him not to work. Does anyone with this condition have any advice on wat to do next? Will seeing a chiropractor help?? Desperate for some help.



  • @sam1985 I understand exactly what you have gone through.  I have stenosis and have been dealing with the pain from it since I was about 30..I am 40 now and still deal with it today.  I don't agree with "he is too young for surgery", that to me is a cop out.  If someone needs treatment then they deserve to be treated.  I understand the pain can end life as he knows it until it subsides.  I was merely playing pinball with my family in our basement this past Saturday night and just due to standing for a long period of time and walking the stairs a couple times I am completely destroyed.  My wife helps me put on my socks and shoes, sleeping is near impossible as I cannot roll over, and driving is dangerous.  I feel for you and hope you find some answers and/or relief.  If you do, send the info this way, lol.  I am still fighting the good fight.  Tell him to hang in there and seek a specialists opinion as much as you can until you finally get through.  Meanwhile, I'm praying for you guys.  Whish me luck this week!  Can't hardly walk and that never bodes well for the week to come.  Have a good day.

  • Welcome sam1985 we’re glad you’re here!

    I agree that surgery should be the last resort, but you can't just keep living with that kind of pain, if you are not getting anywhere with your present doctor, a second opinion is never a bad idea.

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  • Hi Richardson,

    Thank you for your message. I'm sorry to hear your still suffering, it doesn't fill me with much confidence if you have not been helped. It sounds like you are exactly like my husband. He went back to the doctors today as he really couldn't cope. They signed him off and prescribed him diazapam and naproxen and referred back to physio which is pointless, 3 months of physio before didn't help so not sure how this time will be any different.

    He feels down and very frustrated. Hes a young lad who cant sit still at the best of times let alone being signed off work and unable to do things for himself. I really dont think GPs really know and understand the impact this condition has on a person. 

  • @sam1985 Tell him to not give up, no one should have to live with this type of pain.  Keep fighting the good fight.  I understand the depression.  I have a 15 yr old daughter and a 10 yr old son.  I haven't been able to go to my daughters diving meets due to the seating arrangements and standing isn't any better and I haven't been able to do normal son/father things with my son at all.  I have missed most of his childhood in pain and can't see the light at the end of the tunnel but my wife keeps me going trying to find relief.  I feel bad that she is pretty much responsible for "dad" things when it comes to mowing the lawn and things like that as if I were to do the yardwork I would be done!  It is hard to deal with but all I can say is there has to be relief somewhere.  I'm still looking...and I will pass it on to you if I find it.  Have a good one.

  • Lots of members here have had surgery before the age of 33. I’d get a second opinion personally. In my opinion age is oftentimes irrelevant; it’s the specific condition that’s important. For example, if a fifth grader is in a car accident and badly injured, how many surgeons would say “this child is only 11; he or she is too young for surgery.” Food for thought.
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    If it were me, I would get a MRI and go.from.there

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