Dont be afraid to be joyful in little things

20 years in my case..of pain and other issues

But through it all i remembered to save a little energy to find joy in little things.

Music, watching  a runner move gracefully as a work of art that trancends physicality 

A green apple

Kittens purring on my shoulder

Remembering my worth

What do you hold dear?



  • Oh I never want to lose that ability to find joy in the little things and I'll admit that lately, I struggle. Thanks for the reminder, William of how much I love

    Watching my grandchildren grow into who they will become.

    The beauty, color and intricate "faces"of the orchids I have nurtured for years. 

    Music. My roommate playing piano. 

    Bright sunshine and blue skies. 

    Billowing clouds and green grass.

    Mountain grandeur.

    Soft pillows and ice packs, lol. 

    Ok, I'll stop now. Thanks William. 

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,961

    Thanks William for reminding us that we do have joy in our lives. 

    My husband, who is witty and funny and so caring

    My dog, Oody. She is part lab and part we don't know the baby daddy!! lol

    Our log home in the middle of the woods, high on a ridge

    Memories of all the trips we took on motorcycles with lots of pictures

    Our 3 great grand kids, all boys

    Phone calls almost daily from our grand kids

    And so much more!!

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  • I attended a new pain group at my church today. The. Focus is really exactly what you’re doing, being gracious for the little things, writing them down each day, reflecting. Also having a one word positive ‘mantra’ to focus on when faced with pain, and trying mindfulness to focus on the positive to lessen the pain.  Great post. 

    I’m thankful that these things bring me joy in varying degrees.....

    My wife

     my kids

    my dog

    the beautiful beach and Pacific ocean less than 2 miles away

     tonight’s sunset


      another weekend of NFL playoffs for my team 

    but above all God 

  • My "team" lost

    But thats not saying much because i wait for the superbowl and flip a coin to see which team ill root for

  • I’m joyful that your team is not my team. 

    I enjoy the Super Bowl commercials, especially if my team doesn’t make it.  

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  • Lol

    I tend to follow my hometown rugby team-s as far as sports go, then surfing when a grom begins to make a name for themselves

  • Joel, I too am most thankful for God who gets me through each day

    And also that my "team" is still in the playoffs? I'm so curious to know who your team is. Big hint on mine , I live in Kansas City, lol. 

  • Joel1QJJoel1Q Posts: 308
    edited Today 1:38 AM

    Well your team and my team played in the first Super Bowl.  I bleed cheese.  It’d be great to have a rematch 54 years later but SFO 49ers will be tough for the Packers to beat this weekend to make it to the big game. 

  • Joel1QJJoel1Q Posts: 308

    Thankful today that

    Joanne is a football fan

    My church fellowship group started back up

    Homemade chicken fettuccine alfredo 

  • William GarzaWilliam Garza TexasPosts: 2,001


    Fettuccini alfredo..yummmm

  • joanne2jjoanne2 Posts: 327

    Joel, I'll be watching who wins that one too. Chief's will have their hands full with the Titans. I just saw they are fighting over that 54 year old game tape! 

    Today I'm thankful for my PT, she motivates me! 

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,961

    Today I am thankful for my dog Oody. If I were to fall, I cannot get up off the floor by myself. I have been working with her to stand still by me, I get on my knees and put my hands on her back. She never moves. Once I'm up, she gets so excited. To me, priceless!!

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