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C5 disc herniation is surgery worth it?

Hi guys,

I’ve had a C5 disc herniation for the last 5 years or so. 

I’ve tried everything from physio, chr



  • I had a c5/6 disk replacement May 2015 great results, september 2016 pain a dysfunction back had c4/5 disk replacement good results, feb 2018 had c6/7 disk replacement which stole my life from me. woke up after 7 hours of extreme pain in recovery where they gave me so much pain meds it caused me to stop breathing twice. kept going back to er begging for help placed on oxy 20 mg every two hours still no relief keep going back out on fentanyl patches as well as oxy very little relief on April 6 five weeks or so later c6/7 converted to fusion dr says hardware failure. No improvement and now swallowing problems constant shortness of breathe that nothing will help. moved from oregon to cali to get better drs cervical nerve root blocks offer very  little help and make breathing harder. i’m in such severe pain (edit) i can’t hold my new grandbaby i use wheel chair i wear diapers now i thought i knew what  pain was before surgery but i had no idea how much a human can withstand and live through m. I see everything in life different now. I am a published author and have a masters degree yet i can barely write this because i now have a function of a small child in a lot of cognitive and motor skills too. i would never take this risk again. no more surgeries for me. i wish i never did this unless i was already crippled hoping for a way to walk again. But as you see my first two surgeries were fine. I went tent camping for ten days post my first surgery bc i hadn’t felt that good in years. still i wish i never did this because it took my life from me. I have quality of life

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