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I live in the US and have many frustrations with the healthcare system and of course our system is in large broken.  But I have heard described that in the U.K. its even worse. Reading a few of the U.K. member’s posts, I’m curious if someone with knowledge of US vs UK could articulate some of the differences pros and cons briefly.  I’d be curious of the same for Australia Canada Asia or any other accounts by anyone of their country, good bad ugly.  Without turning this into a political conversation which will get us (ok me) in trouble.    

On Apple news I saw a pointer towards the Daily Mail which I believe is a U.K. ‘paper’    The article said how the U.K. is facing an opioid crisis like the US in 5 years. A GP was actually able to buy 8 boxes total of codeine without prescription in south London. . Really?  I can walk in just answer a few questions (where what my pain is, symptoms and other meds I’m taking and the pharmacy hands me opioids)    Is that true? (My old self would say WHAT A GREAT COUNTRY image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" />      Maybe crack down on that and learn from the mistakes the US has made for 20 years...



  • My dad lived in America his whole life. In 2012 he fell down an escalator at Heathrow airport. Was rushed to the ER. He said the hospital in London looked like it hadn't been updated since the 1950’s. 

  • I am in Australia, I personally have don’t have complaints about the majority of our healthcare system. I cant afford medical insurance. Most people I know don’t have it as well. My gp Is great and bulk bills me, he Trusts me and will give me my scripts when I ask for the medication I need. CT scans , X-ray and my 3 monthly blood tests  are also covered by Medicare. Though to get into see a specialist at a hospital can be a three month wait. Skin checks are bulk billed, though I have paid $300 in the last two apt to remove skin cancer.  The only thing I would complain about is the cost of meds. If you have the money to go private and pay as you go you can get in for appointments much quicker. I do see a private pain specialist, it cost an arm and leg but I found them much more caring than the Free hospital Run pain clinic. Harpy 

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    I live in the UK and I can confirm that waiting lists are long, doctors and nurses are in short supply, the NHS is understaffed, overworked and underpaid.  

    The article published related to the standard OTC 8mg codeine/paracetamol, which is available to anyone. Every pharmacy I've ever been to has asked if it's for me, what for, and don't exceed dosage or 3 days continuous use.

    Anything above that strength requires a doctor's prescription. 

    The NHS is monitoring those more on nerve meds and muscle relaxants. For some, opiods is the only relief or partial relief available. 

    You're always going to get those that abuse  different meds for "recreational use". I personally hate taking any meds, but sometimes it's a necessity not a choice.

    Best wishes 


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