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Upper cervical manipulation twisted my entire body

I used to have a very mild, asymptomatic subluxation of my atlas on my right side. I went through life no problem, all was fine. I'd get some stiffness occasionally, but it was nothing unbearable. I went to a chiropractor thinking it was healthier to get routine adjustments; not because I felt any pain or anything, but because I thought it would safeguard against any deterioration in my joints or whatever as I got older. I had my atlas adjusted once using triceps-pull method on my right side, and the first time that he did it to me everything went fine. I returned to him a second time, and then for some reason he decided to adjust my atlas on my left side, even though it was still moved to the right, and then it 'jammed' to the left. My neck immediately became 'vice-grip' stiff, and I was extremely uncomfortable. When I went to him a third time, he adjusted my atlas on my left side again, and I was hoping that the adjustment would dislodge it from its 'stuck' position - but instead it made things a million times worse. After that adjustment I felt this unbearable pulling sensation all throughout my ribcage and pelvis, like my whole body was being tugged to the left. My left rib started to jut out in front and round out in back, and my left hip rotated to the left in an upward direction. Fearing that any further adjustments from him would make it worse, I went to an Upper Cervical Specialist chiropractor hoping that he'd resolve things. He took X-rays and did a detailed analysis etc., and while his correction did eliminate *some* of the stiffness and lack of mobility, I still felt as though he kept my atlas pushed too far to the left, and my body still uncomfortably deviates toward my left side. I gave it a year hoping my nervous-system would adapt to the change, but it still hasn't. I feel so off-center and unbalanced that I can't stay focus on everyday activities. To make things worse, my neck still routinely "locks up" on my left side, and it is so unbearably frustrating. I don't wear the clothes that I used to because my jagged left rib and twisted pelvis make me look incredibly crooked and I feel very insecure, as I used to have a symmetric figure before all this happened. I never would've guessed that letting someone touch my neck could cause my entire body to twist like a slinky. 

My question is this: If getting my atlas adjusted on my left side when it was subluxated to the right then caused it to become subluxated to the left, would adjusting it on my right side when it's subluxated to the left potentially cause it to go back to being subluxated to the right? I miss my former alignment so much and I miss not having to deal with feeling perpetually off-center and imbalanced. 



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    If it were me, I would start with a spine specialist, orthopedic or neurosurgeon.

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