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Lumbar surgery

3 level  Laminectomy  and Foraminotomy  L3/4 and L 4/5.and L5'S1  week 14 post opp looking for chat support 



  • I am 20 weeks post-op from an L5-S1 Transformational Interbody Lumbar Fusion surgery. Originally, my neurosurgeon was going to perform an ALIF (Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion) due to massive amounts of scar tissue from a failed combination, laminodiscectomy and foraminotomy almost 6 years ago at age 31, but 5 days prior to surgery, my neurosurgeon had an emergency and they didn't know when he would be back (or even if) so they assigned me a new neurosurgeon who feels that a less invasive TLIF would provide me with the same relief from the severe sciatica, leg pain and cramps and burning, am inability to sleep, sit or walk due to severe back pain, etc that indicates my first surgery had failed. I have suffered from back pain since I was 16 and totalled my car in a very bad accident. I was also a multi-sport athlete and I am so thankful that I kept that up despite the pain because it kept my core strong enough that the genetic degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis/spinal arthritis that I have been dealing with since a very young age were not as impactful as they could've been. I continued to work out up to 4 hrs a day teaching or participating in fitness classes as well as working to be a fitness model. The birth of my first child was my first experience with excruciating lumbar pain as he was posterior occiput and you literally could see my sacral area bend outwards as he came out. That pain was far worse than the actual labor and delivery. My second pregnancy close afterwards (military wife, we specialize in lots of babies roughly the same length apart as a deployment plus 9 months after their return lol) broufght  a few new "fun" new problems. Due to having massive amounts of amniotic fluid from a health problem my unborn child had, the extra weight put massive pressure not only on my back, but it separated my pubic symphisis. I could not walk, I couldn't roll over, I couldn't take any real pain relief because I was pregnant. They ended up delivering two weeks early due to the size of the baby and the lack of mobility I had. Shortly after that, my back symptoms really started to bother me but then I was dealing with a whole new problem.... Thyroid Cancer. I was 24 years old. I passed out on a tread mill at my gym while trying to lose the baby wait from baby number 2. Thought it was overexertion until I started having seizures from Thyroid Storm. I had immediate surgery to remove the entire thyroid gland, presenting me with a whole new health problem to deal with permanently. Chronic hypothyroidism treated with synthetic thyroid hormone. I had just gotten to a point where my thyroid was stable and boom, surprise baby number 3 was on her way. 

    I stayed in shape throughout the pregnancy and had lumbar pain, but she was much smaller than her brothers and didn't give me as many issues

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