Slipped C8 Disc pain

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Last weekend I injured myself working out and was presented by pain in my right shoulder on Monday. By Tuesday morning the pain was severe and running down my arm to my fingers coupled with numbness and pin and needles. I was diagnosed with a slipped disc in the neck and Cervical Spondylitis without myelopathy but I thought if my right limb is involved then I do have some myelopathy. I'm currently taking regular doses of Ibuprofen and Paracetamol and Amitriptyline. Opiates I'm told are useless with this type of pain and I'm not keen to take them anyway. I can only sleep on my back at present and find this is the only time and position that is virtually pain-free. Does anyone know how long this will take to heal?



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    I don't think anybody here would be able to give you an accurate answer to your question, if you haven't already, it would be best to speak with a spine specialist.

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    Have you visited the Herniated Disc Health Center on Spine-health? It has a number of comprehensive articles and videos that you might find helpful, including common causes of a herniated disc, symptoms, and treatment options. I hope you find this information helpful.

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    Hi I to went through very similar symptoms I eventually got a MRI and nerve conduction test with very bad results I ended up having a 4 level fusion c4/c7 I'm not sure ur at that position as of yet but I would be really careful if you want to read my story look for hetrotopic ossification post that's me be very careful because I think I had the same issue as urself  and my Dr didn't seem to take it seriously I ended up with 3 collapsed disc's sounds like mine, ur nerves are being trapped I hope you get some relief and sleep good luck

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