Asking for opinion on chiropatic or cupping therapy for Si joint main

I had a lower back injury back to 7 months ago and was diagnosed with lumbar lurdosis due to muscular spasm. I had taken all kinds of medication and all forms of physio therapy treatment, but my pain is not going away. My pain management doctor has diagnosed me with chronic SI joint pain and advised me for epidural injection, but I am not comforable with the idea of it at this early age as I am in my late twenties. Somebody has prescribed me chiropatic and cupping therapy. I am bit confuse t go for which treatment anf from which one from these I will get pain free life?



  • As far as young age is concerned if a toddler is in a bad car accident would a surgeon say “I’m not operating on a baby despite the severity of his injuries because he’s too young.” I can’t see that happening. If something is broken sometimes the only way to make it better is to fix it.

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    We are not allowed to give opinions, only experience, I can't speak about chiropractor, never been to one, I have had several epidurals in the past, some with very good results and some not so good, but you never know until you try, as far as age goes, I would try to get ahead of it now instead of waiting.

    all about esi 

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    You’ll find a wealth of information about SI Joint Dysfunction in the Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Health Center on Spine-health, including comprehensive articles and videos that outline the causes, symptoms, and treatments of this condition. It’s a great resource to learn more about SI Joint Dysfunction.

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    There is no age limit for this kind of pain. My grandson is 29, home from work, because he is waiting to get an epidural for sciatica. As far as a chiropractor, talk to your doctor for a recommendation.

    Take care and keep us posted.

  • I have had some good relief with cupping along my spine and into my SI joints.  The best relief I get for my SI joints is by having percutaneous rhizotomy.

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