L4L5 Micro Discectomy post-op 5 week check

I thought it may be of benefit to share this experience:

I went to see the surgeon today for my five week post-op check and was told my progress was “average’ ….WHAT???? Exsqueeze me??!!! Average?! But I wanted to be Above Average! “No”, I was told, “only 20% of patients are feeling fantastic and back to their normal activities in 5 weeks, and those are my elite athletes” . Rats! So I am average!

Nerve pain, numbness and weakness he has said is normal and because I had compression of the nerve for so long, recovery time may be six to 12 months. Other pain will ease with time, as I become more fit. I am free to do what I wish with no restrictions, as my pain and stamina allow. I am going to go back to Physio in February to build that strength. 

I loved the explanation the surgeon gave me when I expressed my disappointment in myself for not being ‘back to normal’…he said,”my surgery created the right environment to allow for healing to begin; the surgery did not heal you!” He also said ,” I removed half your disc to create space…I didn’t just remove a toenail! This was pretty major!”

Ok, ok…so patience is needed…but I am on the mend! 



  • We all want to think we can go into surgery and come out pain free and ready to go in a week or so, but it rarely happens that way.

    I am glad you got a good report and explanation from your doctor, stay the course, and oh yeah, time and patience.

    Take care and keep us posted


  • It is amazing how many times I have turned to this site for answers to questions,solace when I am discouraged and to just be HEARD! I am on a long journey with this spine of mine, that is a path I am on for life...I am very thankful there are forums like this one to give me strength and hope.

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  • I am glad you have found the forum helpful, there's a whole lot of experience here and very helpful members.

    Take care


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