8 Month Post Op, Pain has returned/edema

Hello all,

I am 8 month post op of a c5-c6 ACDF surgery, everything was going well for me until a week after christmas when my pain came back all of a sudden, I have been dealing with this for about a month now, tried anti inflammatory meds, muscle relaxers and pain meds. Nothing has seemed to help. I just had my MRI today and the results read "Status post fusion across C5-6 with mild edema in the vertebral bodies."

Has anyone dealt with this before and know the root cause? 



  • I cannot speak to the edema, but perhaps that is what is causing your relapse of pain.  Edema is swelling.  So, this would make sense.  Any comment or thought about the actual fusion?  Does it appear to be fused?  If you are fused and the swelling is the cause of your issues, has your doc mentioned steroid treatment?

    At 11 months post op of c4/5 c5/6 c6/7 ACDF, I had a return of symptoms.  I have been dealing  with it for nearly 6 months, chasing down rabbit holes.  About 4 months ago, I had a CT myelogram that revealed that I MIGHT have a small area of fusion at C6/7, but rest of disc space was not fused.  Surgeon called it "spot welding" and the tip of the screw in C7 was "wallowing out".  Originally he said my pain was from a stretched nerve and would not correlate pain to non fusion.  He said I might still fuse in the second year.  So, I am here now just weeks out from ulnar nerve surgery for Double Crush Syndrome (EMG revealed ulnar nerve neuropathy and C7 nerve root issues).  Surgeon won't do any more to address spine until ulnar nerve issue is resolved.  Only reason I agreed to surgery is that it stands in the way of figuring out this neck/radiculopathy issue.

  • Hey Kand, thanks for the reply: 

    I am actually scheduled to have a CT to see what’s going on; they want to take a look at the hardware and the fusion and such now. 

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