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Pain free because specific exercises - personal story

It is long time since I did not post here. I suffer from back pain since I was 24, back surgery at 38, now I am 56.

About 4 years ago my back situation become worst and worst, a lot of back pain and also leg pain with muscle cramps.

I use to take regularly anti-inflammatory drugs in order to be able to  carry on my daily activity and manage the pain.

I visited different doctors and neurosurgeons in 3 countries. Different intervention and alternative medications were recommended. Also I was advise to avoid different type of movements.

My mobility that was anyhow bad reduced dramatically (I was not able to put my socks on) and my muscles become very weak. I was very stiff in the morning.

I visited several physiotherapists but my pain got worst. I was also needed to give up swimming  and not able to walk more than 1 Km without paying the price (more intense stiffness and pain next day)

This was the bottom.

1. The recovery started with a simple position that I found it in a book. Laying on my belly with a pillow below the chest. I started with 5 min 2 - 3 times per day and gradually moved to 20-30 min 2 times per day. First benefit I saw in improving walking distance without paying the price after. 

2. The second step was to use a lower back support on the office chair. Initially was a very thin but here I also improve gradually. The reason why I did this was because doctor told me that my back bone lost his normal lumbar curvature.

3. The third step was to alternate standing with sitting at the office. I started with 2 min standing, improving to 30 min today. From 10 hours working I am standing in total  2,5 - 3 hours.

4. The forth thing was walking in shallow warm water. That was difficult at the beginning but improved with time. I also manage to resume swimming.

5. The fifth step was balance. Close to my apartment it is a place called Motorikpark, even if it is a German name, you can guess that it is about movement. There are there a lot of devices on witch you must walk keeping your balance. Initially I was not even able to stay in one foot, but then I improved gradually. Now I have better balance comparing with most of healthy people.

6. Doing various mobility exercises but very gentle without pushing. I manage to avoid those trainers that push for mobility only, because I notice this just is hurting my back with no goal at the end. Improving range of motion can be only together with various movements that will make the muscles to work.

7. Muscle strength. I am doing now specific exercises for core muscle strength, but I was not able to do them (without paying a big price) before improving balance. There are many muscles in the body that are weak because we do not use them. We are walking on flat floor with flat shoes. This was not our ancestors did.

8. This is the most advance that I am doing now also in Motorikpark, it is called "The  monkey path". I need to use my feet and legs using chains, ropes or wooden stick in order to move from one to another like a monkey. This is not an exercise for back suffers but I am here right now. I just remember were I started, lying face down with a pillow under my chest for 5 minutes only.

This is a success story. That worked for me. There is no guaranty will work for someone else. There is no guaranty my back pain will not return since I do not have a doctor approval for what I am ding now.

However I wanted to post it here because I bet there many other success stories but people just forget to come back.



  • catapam, thank you!! We so much need to hear these success stories to encourage us and give us hope. Like you said, what you did wouldn't work for all of us but we can all do what we can to make what progress we can. I've gone from being an athlete to walking with a cane, painfully. Surely there is some middle ground here. You've motivated me to start small and take baby steps. I'm so weary of more drugs being the only answer I get except from my physical therapist. 

    I'm so happy for you! Keep up the good work and keep in touch please.


  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,718


    It is nice to see you back!! I have bookmarked your success story for other members to read. Most members that do have success not only forget to come back and update us but are also living their lives, hopefully pain free.

    I am so happy this has worked out for you. But this is also a story of perseverance, determination and hard work on your part. I admire you for pushing through and not giving up.

    Thank you!! And please, keep us updated on how you are still progressing,

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  • angie29angie29 Posts: 97
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    Awesome news,  we always love to, and need to,  hear positive and successful stories.

    Great news.

    Well done!

    Please keep us updated with your progress. 

    Best wishes 


  • Catapam 

    Pretty amazing success story.  So your step 1 was simply laying on your stomach for 3-5 min, as you described - doing no exercises while prone? 

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