Hetrotopic ossification ?

Back in 2015  of March I was washing my hair and reached around the back of my head and pop pins and needles down my arm and back up the arm to the top of my head then the constant pain started in the right shoulder only went to Dr had x-ray  constant trips to the Dr nothing eventually after working as a collision painter Al the way until August the 4th 2015 Dr sent me for a nerve conduction test and MRI I was called the very next day by the surgery that I needed emergency surgery in the next 24 hours as I had 3 collapsed disc's and they were crushing my spinal cord 

Had the 4 level fusion with spacers been unable to work since then

I'm 46  and back in 2015 I had 3 collapsed disc's C4  through C7  I have been having pain and other issues for a long time after changing doctors several times my new doctor sent me for a MRI and to see a neurologist they sent me for CT mylagram and here we are being told I have hetrotopic ossification and they it's giving me a 4mm stenosis behind c5/c6 and the back side(inside front of the fusion) all the way from c4/c7 looks like a jagged rock so now I have to have a new surgery to remove the old fusion and vetabra c4/ c7  and then fuse me from C3/t1 also I have just been denied social security for the 4th time at the appeal court level but they didn't have the new information I'm so sick and tired mainly through pain and lack of sleep and then to top it all off social security BS 

That's my story just wondering if anyone has got or had this issue 



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    I'm really sorry you have to go through this again. I have never had cervical surgery so I can't help you with that. But I have gone through the social security disability appeal court. Don't give up, that's the most important thing. If I were you, I would send them everything new you have, or give it to your attorney. When I kept getting denied, I would gather up every office visit and tests and send it to them immediately. Don't forget, they give you a time limit to send more information

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