Occipital Neuralgia

if there’s anyone out there suffering Occipital Neuralgia you have my total sympathy. I dealt with OC headaches from the time laid down until I finally had to get up. Everyone my head would touch the pillows the back of my head and neck would start hurting. I finally made it to a Neurologist and all he wanted to do was give me shots in the back of my head and up and each side of my neck plus 5 shots in my butt. Then he said he had to prescribe me every medicine there was to treat the condition and hope something worked. I left him and went to another one but it was the same thing. So I left him and got PCP to refer me to Pain Manage meant. It had already almost 2 years of blistering torment headaches everyday. When I made it to my Pain Management Doctor he took an MRI and said I don’t belire you have Occipital Neuralgia . Then he showed me where my problems from. All my Cervical vertebrae were almost on top of one a tiger. So he started giving me Cervical Epidurals in everyvertabra but he would only do a couple at a time and they would last about a week and I was back with the headaches. The on the 5 visit he did a RFA ( Radio Frequency Ablation) as son as he cut the last nerve he was going to cut or burn,my headaches weee gone and they haven’t been back yet!

That was in November.



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    I am so glad you finally had a good outcome. But that goes back to you not giving up until you found someone to help you. Great attitude!!

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  • Thanks for the comment Sandra but I had only one other option other than finding someone to take an interest and actually make it their cause too but I was not about to entertain that thought. I always thought this is a somewhat simple fix and if the medical profession can do Brain Surgery,Re-Attach micro nerves and that sort of thing then SOMEONE was going to listen to me and help or I was going to be their worst nightmare!! I had to bring up the Hippocratic Oath and my willingness to go to a Veteranarian for help if they were unable to do it. It must have worked!!!


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