Pinching in back of neck?

My neck has been stiff and sore with limited mobility for a few months. Every so often I get a sharp pinch like a bee sting on my upper neck bone. It’s a quick thing but painful for a few seconds. Anyone have any ideas or similar sensation? 



  • I have not heard of this, but you also mentioned limited mobility.  Have you seen a doc for this?  Do you have any prior neck issues or injuries?

  • I have had osteoarthritis in my neck for a few years and even had nerve compressed. This pinchy thing is different but probably related. Not sure but I have mri scheduled for next week. I wondered if anyone else has that symptom. I never had mri on neck just xray about 10 years ago. 

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  • That is good that you have MRI scheduled.  I hope you get some answers!

  • Mri was canceled because my insurance wouldn’t approve it. I also had a lumbar spine mri scheduled for the same day and that was not approved either. Very frustrating, my dr. has been requesting it since July. I had to do 6 weeks of physical therapy and they still refused. The whole thing is a bit depressing. Thanks for listening and I hope you are feeling well today.

  • nancyann - I think most states make provisions for you to appeal a denied diagnostic test requested by your doctor.  Keep being a squeaky wheel.  It is disgusting that our medical system has come to this point.  I left myself be delayed by insurance for years and now I suffer from permanent spinal cord injury.  Please for your own sake, don't give up.

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  • Hi,

    I'm 44/F, very active and atlethic built. I have been lfiting weights and working out daily for several years now. I recently was diagnosed with Neck arthritis with bulging discs bet C3-4, C5-6, C6-7. After a year of misdiagnosis by my Sports Med Doc working up my left shoulder but Xray and MRI were all normal. Recent incident from weight lfiting led to tingling and burning and cold sensations to my left arm so he finally did MRI of my neck.

    6 months later, and  Physical Therapy I have been back on and off to the gym but have on and off flare up of symptoms everytime I go to the gym and lift heavy weights. After 5 doctors (GP, Sports Medicine, Pain Management, OrthoSurgeon and Neurology) consulations all exams and tests pointing out to my neck arthritis as the source of symtoms. One of them wanted to do Epidural injections and siuggested I should have surgery. I declined both. Now I'm managing on my own. I have been reading and researching abiut this condition and reading research articles and blogs, even go to Youtubes. I came accross this Mckenzie Method how to manage your own neck or back. Please check it out, it will show you how you can handle and manage most of your day to day activities through simple exercises and good posture.

    I am thinking abiut you, and know that you are not alone. Let me know if you got the book and how is it helping you.

    God Bless!

  • Thanks for your support. I will call my insurance again. It gets very stressful. They say they need more info from my dr. He needs the mris to make a diagnosis and to treat me. I have cataract surgery coming up at the end of the month. My vision is blurry and the anxiety about being awake during the surgery is way up. Right now anxiety and depression have really been a daily struggle. I feel like my chronic pain is not being taken seriously by my insurance and I am tired of the fight. Maybe after the eye surgery I will be able to sort things out with my insurance or see a specialist. 

  • Sborbita.... I learned some great neck stretches and strengthening exercises at physical therapy. I was in great physical shape and worked out at home. I had a job with alot of heavy lifting and repetitive moves. I bottled wine for hours and stocked the shelves. I was in great shape,in my forties until my lower back pain started. A year later I had a compressed nerve in my neck for several months. Work ended and so did my workouts. Now I walk inside to keep in shape and swim daily in the summer. Please be careful. I started with a book too. It was very helpful. Exercise is good . Find what works for you without injury. Good luck! Working out was my number 1 stress reducer. 

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    When you call your insurance ask them to be specific about what they need and let them know how long this has been going on. If you have to, ask for a supervisor. Also, get an email address of who you spoke to so you can write to them to verify your conversation. I have had to do this lately regarding my medicine and I get better results.

    Good luck.

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