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 i had a permanent Spinal cord implant surgery done 5 days ago.Before the surhery i was on no narcotics.During the many discussions before making the decision to go ahead i was tild I would recieve pain meds for a couple weeks after to help with the surgery pain as the SCS would not help yet till the 2 week check up.I called the surgeon fri to get a refil for tues and was told he doesn't do that only pain management does called them who i had only seen once to get approved for the implant they said no they only prescribe for chronic pain.I am in a lot of pain and feel like i am being penelized for not have being on opiods. Thank you any advice would be helpful.



  • I would call the surgeon and complain and tell them pain management wouldn't prescribe. My surgeon had a surgical nurse who could really get things done. If yours does insist on talking to her. Don't be out off by the receptions. I've found it sometimes pays to go to the office in person if you can get someone to take you. You're not as easily ignored that way. The only other option is to contact your Primary if you know he/she well. I hope it works out for you, be your own advocate. it's not like you are asking something unreasonable. Please keep us posted. 

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    I agree with Joanne,  talk to whoever told you that before the implant. 

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