Anyone else have a neck injury?


If you had a neck injury, could you share your story?  What happened?  How did your doc treat it?  Where are you now with it?

I have already been having issues (possible non fusion) and am 17 months post-op 3-level ACDF.  Just this week, I fell on my head from about 32 inches high.  On the way down, time seemed to stand still and I realized that this was not going to end well.  I tried to brace myself, but my weak arm did nothing.  I landed on the top of my head and my knees and immediately had this lightening bolt of pain go down my spine.  Then, my earlobes were on fire.  Dizziness and headache set in as well as pain halfway down my back.  I did go to ER to get checked out.  Pain was a 9 out of 10.  They gave me a dose of pain meds and did a CT.

Radiologist was very short:  "Hardware appears intact and unchanged from previous.  No significant osseous abnormalities noted."  My neck became swollen.  ER doc said I had soft tissue damage like ligament and muscle sprain.  He ordered OTC NSAIDs and to follow up with primary doc.

I am waiting on apt with primary doc in 2 more days.  It has been 3 days since accident.  It feels like I have a hatchet in my back.  I get a sharp pain when I turn my head to the left.  I have a headache at the base of my skull in the back and a pain under my left cheekbone.  I am going to ask for an MRI and flex/ex xrays.  My surgeon followup is a month away.  But when I had pain in August, he said to follow up with PCP first.

I am automatically distrustful of doctors, thinking that they do not always take the necessary time to know your case.  I was a bit shocked at the lack of detail in the CT report, as the other two CT reports I have had in the past 18 months have been very detailed (granted, they were not done through an emergency room dept).  My Sept CT report noted small disc bulges at both the level above and below the fusion.  I wonder what impact my injury might have had on that.

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