Lower back pain at night is keeping me from sleeping

Does anyone have any suggestions for sleeping  with lower back pain at night? Recently I have had what I think is a flareup of my degenerative disc disease and it is particularly causing me pain when I lie down to sleep. I am a side sleeper and I also tend to switch back and forth from side to side. I was taking muscle relaxants at night for chronic unexplained headaches that are possibly coming from the degenerative disc disease in my neck, and that was helping me to sleep despite the back pain. However, they were causing side effects. Any suggestion for pillow placement (between knees does not help)? Also any natural sleep aids anyone has had success with? I have also tried a warm bath, stretches, and heating pad. Those sometimes help me get to sleep, but only on my back which is not comfortable for me for the whole night. Also I then wake up with pain later. Also, I have had no luck with anti-inflammatory medication for either area.



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    Like you, I can only sleep on my side. I lay a pillow next to my right leg and lay my left leg on the pillow, The pillow is not between my legs. When I flip over, I do the same thing. I have tried everything and every kind of pillow and position. This works for me. We cannot provide names of sleep agents, you will have to ask your doctor what is best for you.

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  • I take Hydroxyzine for sleep and have for many years.  I had tried all the meds meant specifically for sleep such as Ambien and none of them worked for me.  My doctor says it is completely safe to use and it works as well for me today as it did when I started.  It might be worth a try.  See what your doctor thinks.


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  • Try to change your sleeping position or apply some soothing ointment.

  • Chamomile or Sleepytime tea sometimes help or yes warm milk. i sleep on my side as well and use a travel pillow for my head as it fits so well for my neck issues.

     I had to get a memory foam mattress when I got DDD issues and the firmness helps. Sometimes use a travel pillow between the knees as the regular pillow is kind of puffy and causes more pain for me in the morning.

    However, I do have morning stiffness, maybe due to age almost 60 and chronic pain with DDD and facet nerve issues, but takes a while to get moving and sometimes I do light stretches.

    I like to hear how others manage as well. Good topic. Charry

  • If you're in America I'd try melatonin gummies, which you can easily buy there. I get my sister to post them over to the UK. They're really good, although I find you may need more than the specified dose (they contain a substance which the body naturally secretes for sleep, so are harmless) 

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