Pain Medication after 6 weeks PO

Hello warrior!! I'm new here in the group.

I am 6 weeks PO of ALIF / PLIF at L5 / S1 and although I think I am recovering well, I still feel a lot of pain in my back and legs which forced me to continue taking Percocet once a day, before bed, but I feel so frustrated, I din't expect to be taking narcotics yet, I wonder if it is normal to still be taking pain medication at 6 weeks PO?



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    If you are still in this much pain you may need to call your doctor and let him know what is going on.

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    Have you read the article Practical Advice for Recovering from Back Surgery on Spine-health? It offers a lot of practical tips around what to expect before, during, and after surgery. You may also want to check out Maximize the Ability to Heal After Spine Fusion Surgery

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  • 6 weeks is still very early after fusion surgery, it takes time for everything to calm down, I was still taking pain medication at 6 weeks after my fusion surgery.


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  • Gica - You might want to have a discussion with your surgeon.  Depending what was performed in your surgery, your pain might be expected.  On the other hand, maybe some follow-up imaging should be performed.  I expect your surgeon will have an opinion.

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