Post Lumbar/Thoracic Fusion Back Spasms

I had a fusion for a car accident 3 1/2 weeks ago. It was redone 7 weeks after the original fusion because one of the vertebrae was so damaged it had to be replaced with a titanium cage. My fusion goes from T10 to L3. Both surgeries are causing horrible back spasms. Is this normal? And if so, when can I expect then to go away? Please help. Scared of a lifetime of pain.



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    You have been through a lot and I am sorry you are dealing with all this, 7 weeks is very early in the recovery process, especially with all you have had done, I have had several surgeries including 3 fusion surgeries, the thoracic area is very sensetive, worst surgery I have had, I wish I could give you a time frame of when it gets better, but everybody is different, for me it was around the 3 month mark.

    Walking and ice were my best friends until I was allowed PT, once things started getting better it seemed to improve pretty quickly, stay the course and follow all your surgeons instructions, that will give you your best chance for a full recovery. 

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