Spinal reconstruction

Finally after 2 yrs I meet with a neurosurgeon on wednesday.

I have severe scoliosis with deformity of hips right one is high and visibal. The left hip is dissapeared.

My problems with scoliosis start at T 6 - T 7 with a right convex curve, 

Involved are T-6,T7- T8,T10- T-11, T12-L1, L2-L3-L4, L5-S1

Most are disc bulges I counted 7 and a couple of protrusions...

Reverse S-shaped scoliosis of lumbar spine...

Contact with roots at L4-L5 and L5-S1...

I've already had my neck done ... NO PROBLEM and no pain whatsoever ... 5/7/2019.

 ? I was told spinal reconstruction any one have this kind of surgery ...?

Experiences ? I know it's going to be painful and I know the pain I went through to get here...

What about when I get home to help me be more comfortable ?? Pillows ?



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    Welcome ohplease to the Veritas Health Forum!

    I am so sorry you have been dealing with this for so long. I know it is a long surgery but hopefully your surgeon will get you out of pain. We have had other members that have had long fusions, I'm sure they will reply soon.

    Below are some more articles that may help you out some.

    How to Prep Your Home for Spine Surgery Recovery Video 
    Questions to Ask Your Spine Surgeon

    When you know your surgery date, please join us in Surgery Buddies, below is the link. Just click on the month of your surgery and start a discussion. You will be able to talk to other members waiting on surgery and or recovery.
    Surgery Buddies Forum

    Take care and pleae keep us posted.
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  • Hi ohplease, glad you found this forum but sorry you had to search for it in the first place. I am one of those with a long fusion. I had 10 levels (T9 - S1) fused in May 2016 due to a 51° curve that developed over a 2 year period. My surgery was done in 2 separate operations 2 days apart. First one was thru front and side to remove disk material and place 3 cages. Second one was thru my back to place 2 rods and 24 screws. I went into this with a very positive attitude, followed my surgeon's post-up instructions to a "T" and was just very careful in everything I did. I had an excellent recovery with very little pain and today I'm pretty much back to doing everything I was doing prior to my surgeries. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have but I also encourage you to read some of the articles on this site. They are extremely informative and helpful

  • Hi ohplease ,

    Name is Drew.

    Just read your  post and am interested in your experience as I am facing a similar experience of extensive spinal reconstruction. 

    Would appreciate knowing how you’re getting, where you are in your decision process  on and how things unfold as you move toward surgery and recovery.


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