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Hi there! I had a C2 C4 fusion along with a C3 corpectomy back in December of 2014. My doctor said I would need another surgery to fuse my C5 in the next 5-10 years and he mentioned there was already a bone spur and that was back in 2015 I believe. But I don’t have insurance currently. And I am experiencing all over body twitching, and it is terrifying trying to figure out what the heck is happening. I’m scared it’s some wild thing like ALS, but I’m only 23. I am hoping honestly it’s just something to do with my neck, so please please pleaseeee comment here if this has occurred for you as well! It’s not contractions, just really small but noticeable movements. Thanks in advance! 



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  • Hi @landslide__ I too have twitching all over my body. I have felt them virtually everywhere at one point or another and mine range from small, mild ones to absolute visible thumpers!! I have been diagnosed with neck problems in C5/6 area, but apparently very mild, so sounds nothing compared to yours as mine haven’t even been considered for surgical intervention. I have twitched daily for around 2 1/2 years now and had numerous tests which so far have ruled out other nasty disorders including the one you mentioned. I had never experienced twitching before my neck issues.  So in my opinion, my symptoms did start with my neck issue. Hope that helps some. 

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  • I recently had an issue with full body twitching. Not sure if it is the same type of issue that you are having, but I’ll tell you my story and what I discovered. After much research I realized what was occurring to me was call spinal myoclonus, my whole body would twitch/contract/spasm repeatedly, lying down would bring it on even more. Went to the ER, no one there knew what it was, neither did my neurologist or pain mgmnt. I would get a tingling sensation before the twitch  would happen. It also made my neck pain horrific. I found a research paper where a woman got spinal myoclonus after a lumbar surgery when taking Gabapentin and Tramadol, which I was on high doses of both, the doctors had stopped her Gabapentin but kept the Tramadol and they went away. So since no one knew what it was, and that was something I could test myself directly, I titrated my gabapentin down, and they completely stopped. Hope this  information helps!

  • ok , I do not take Gabapental and if I am laying down, my legs will suddenly twitch involontarily like a small kick out.  I find it especially if something brushes agains't my leg.  It seems to only happen in my legs but it is annoying.  If I am cold it affects it worse.  I have C3-C7 joined and twitching came after surgery.  Best of luck

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