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Overdose on Aspirin 325mg

Hello all, new here. Im 31 unemployed and inactive. Thin male

My current bf % is around 24 . It was around 37. Trying to get it to 15 before going to the pcp.

 Tore the meniscus in both knees while walking , both at same time, something startled me so stopped while twisting at the hips. Knees started popping while turning around , immediately. One knee locked up partially a few days. Then, Within weeks I started to get snapping shoulders , both of them. And painful hands after raking for 5 hrs straight. Then noticed nodes on all fingers , most notable the pinky fingers ,the 2nd knuckle from fingernail, on both hands. 6 months later It feels like there . Is taper in both knees while walking since the back of both feet seem to twist. I have been avoiding the popping mostly by talking small low angled short height steps. Also had severe pain and popping until discovered 2 weeks ago a 325 mg aspirin daily upon waking would cause less pain less popping and no more snapping shoulders. 

I think its RA, but before I get diagnosed I was wondering if anyone might know about overdose on Aspirin. I plan to have the next 6 weeks an aspirin 325 at night and morning, a long with fish oil, glucosamine chondroitin, vit c, vit d, no calcium cholesterol saturated fat

 Knee sleeves, no activity, and 25 lb weight loss. Im ok risking the collapse of veins from the sleeves, and with taking the supplements but am worried the aspirin. I will be using this log when I go to the pcp, even though the pcps seen it many times. 

Does anyone think I might have an issue with the aspirin during next 6 weeks



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    Welcome flatbread to the Veritas Health Forum.

    To me, before you start all of this, I would see a rheumatologist, We cannot comment on what you should or should not take.

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  • I agree with Sandra, self diagnosis and treatment rarely work and can cause harm, if it is RA you need to see a rheumatologist.

    Take care and keep us posted


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