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Hello all, 

I am 9 months post op of a ACDF c5-c6 and my pain has come back and been haunting me for the past month, I just finally got my CT results but havent been able to meet with the doctor yet. They were worried about the hardware they put in and wanted to check because my MRI showed I had swelling at the c5-c6 area.

My results read " Patient is status post ACDF at the c5-c6 level with lucency through the bone graft." " Mild osteolysis is also present on the anterior superior aspect of the C6 vertebral body adjacent to the surgical hardware."

I know I have to speak to my surgeon but I was wondering if anyone else has seen these results on their scans and if they could elaborate a little on what they mean.  I did some googling and read there should be no lucency in a successful fusion and could be a sign of infection or hardware being loose. 

I appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks!



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    I'm so sorry you are in pain again. But we cannot comment on diagnostic test of any kind. Do some research on the key words in the search box at the top right of the page. Make some notes to ask your surgeon when you see him.

    Good luck and keep us posted on how you are doing.
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