Question on 2020 pain management


I was on pain management from 2009 to 2017. Didn't really help long term but short term I was able to do what needed to be done.

None of there treatments helped except a lidocane injection on my  right sciatic nerve . They said that was for diagnosis but wow did it help.

Went to two places, both ended badly. .

I was relegated to the opiod group. They did help me a lot to function but eventually almost killed me, and that is not an understatement by any means (heavy fentynal and daludid use)

Been off them since 2017. Disabled now.

My question is have they gotten any better? Do they still hand out opiods like candy? Are there any new treatments? 

I'm asking as they seem to be coming back into my area. Most were shut down in 2018. A few docs are in jail about 8 lost there license. The opiod deaths dropped 35% in the county after the DEA sweep.

I won't touch them now. Although I think I still have a high tolerance. As I was given one in hospital and all it did was mess my sight up.




  • couchpotato68 - I gather your question is about the availability of doctor scripted opioid.  I only live a couple of states from you and my state has gone extremely anti-opioid.  Basically I've been told by my doctors, the only time they will write a script for opioids is if the patient "is grandfathered, use using opioids before the rule changes", 10 day limit after post-op or is in hospice/palliative care with uncontrolled pain.

    Those of us with severe chronic pain, live with it - tough cookies.
  • Nah, not opiods...I won't take them again. Just wondering if they have improved there procedures 

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