Foot drop post surgery

I’m 10 days post surgery Right side L4/L5 S1 discectomy and hemilaminectomy. The first 5 days were great. Must have been the meds during surgery. Considering I had back surgery I felt good. Only local pain. Leg pain was gone and I was able to walk and stand straight. 

Day 6 The pain started again but not as severe as pre surgery. I couldn’t sleep in bed again due to nerve pain in glute and outside of lower leg. Walking became an issue. Pain is slightly manageable but at times is not. I called Dr and they said it’s normal. Nerve needs time to heal.

Day 9 Lower leg is numb and I have drop foot. It’s painful to walk and my gate is off again. I called the Dr to inform but he’s in surgery today and tomorrow so not expecting any info till Wednesday. 

My follow up is Wednesday.

Has anyone ever experienced foot drop after surgery? Very frustrating and worrisome. Thanks in advance for any responses. Any help is appreciated.




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    I have been lucky to never have had foot drop, but I have had nerve pain return after surgery, that's a pretty common thing, I hope your doctors office gets in contact with you quickly.

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  • I have had sudden foot drop and numbness in my lower leg one month ago due to stenosis and nerve compression as a result of old disk surgery 20 years ago.

    One day after the foot drop I under went lumbar fixation,but still the foot drop did not resolve yet. I noticed my big toe started to move now but the ankle still not moving upwards.

    I also ended up in speedy heart rate after the surgery with no abvious reason.

    I don't no a case of foot drop post to operation but I hope your one will be resolved.

    Any one of valuable information please offer help.

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  • JmaxJJmax Posts: 5
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    Ramomani Thank you for the concern and reaching out. The reason I had foot drop post surgery is I had a failed surgery. I had the MRI Feb 26, Surgery the next day. This one is so far so good but I’m hesitant to be excited but I do feel good. I’m taking it slow with the walking and stretching but I am doing it. I hope this finds everyone well who reads it. Any questions on my surgery I’ll answer. 


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