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I am wondering if you have used opiates for some time, if you also have developed Tinnitus?

And if you do, do you feel opiates may be the cause?  

I know there have been correlation with hearing loss and possibly developing tinnitus but I haven’t found any concrete examples of the latter   

My tinnitus is like high frequency fluorescent light noise, or about a million of them running simultaneously through my brain.  There’s a rushing sound running over the high pitch noise also. 

My first use of opiates was Percocet for a couple minor surgeries then for my first pinched lumbar nerve due to spinal stenosis.  I had some tinnitus at the peak of that pain and opiate use, but the symptoms went away until I had two more surgeries in knee issues and was on Percocet again, but this time for two years.  The tinnitus returned and never went away.  Fwd to 2017 and the lumbar pain, plus surgeries, that was another nearly two years on Percocet, morphine and Oxycodone. Tinnitus getting to the point where it’s like a swarm of dome screechy high pitched insects from audio hell.  

I have to listen to music or have background noise of the tv or a fan or something all the time to drown it out. nighttime falling asleep is brutal and it seems to be getting worse and becoming much more bothersome.  I’ve seen ent specialists who have said I have to live with it after extensive testing.  (Hmmm I’ve heard that before. )

Just curious what other people’s experiences are. 



  • I do think when I started my higher dose meds back in 2002 after my first injury what’s when I noticed the tinnitus. My high volume noise sounds like walking through the bush in the peak of summer when ALL The cicadas are screeching. I too have radio ect for back ground noise to distract my from the never ending noise.  Oh I too find bed time the worse, apart from my pain it’s probably why I am still up till midnight  or to get into my car that first moment before the engine starts is the pits. But I have also found when it’s at it’s worse and it’s when the migraine starts. Harpy

  • I can see the cicada similarities with my experience, though the cicadas are more calming than my symptoms. I grew up on the desert with them buzzing In a mesquite tree outside my bedroom window.  

    Maybe a cross between millions of cicadas and high voltage power lines powering billions of fluorescent lights ... right in the middle of my brain.  

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  • Oh and I’ve been much more aware of the tinnitus lately, probably because it’s ratcheted up since I’ve had to take some oxy pain pills in the last two days.  

    HOWEVER, when I first woke up yesterday I experienced quiet (no tinnitus) for just a brief moment then it was there.  I wonder If I can recreate that on my own each day. 

  • A brief moment without that constant screeching. What a little bit of bliss that would have been. I am sitting up late ‘again’ tonight, watching the notebook, yet still have that persistent noise in my head. 

  • I think tinnitus is more of an age thing than anything else.  I also have to endure it daily.  I went to ent dr and she said the same thing.  Learn to live with it.  The noise does not stop me from sleeping.  I know what it is so I don't worry about it.  There are times like in the morning when it will be gone for a few hours.  Its great when its gone but honestly I don't realize its gone till it comes back.

    God bless


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